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Factors controlling the spread of smoldering combustion on solid wood (red oak, white pine) were examined in a configuration designed to enable self-sustained smolder.  The sample was in the form of a U-shaped channel 74 em long with 6.4 em thick walls.  A controlled flow of air was confined to the interior of the channel.  Smoldering was initiated on the interior surface either of the upstream end of this channel (yielding forward smolder propagation), the downstream end (reverse smolder) or mid-length (coupled forward/reverse smolder).  In separate tests the air flow velocity (referred to the initial cross section of the channel) was varied from about 9 to 22 em/sec.  At the low end of this range, the smoldering process was prone to extinction; at the high end it was increasingly likely to transition into flaming combustion.  A simple energy balance model indicates a central role of radiative transfer in sustaining the smolder process.

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This recall involves NVIDIA SHIELD tablet computers with 8-inch touch screens. Model numbers P1761, P1761W and P1761WX and serial numbers 0410215901781 through 0425214604018 are included in this recall. NVIDIA and the model and serial numbers are etched on the left side edge of the tablets. The SHIELD logo is on the back of the tablets.


Details are at CPSC


This recall involves model year 2014 Arctic Cat Prowler 500 HDX and model year 2015 Prowler 500 HDX models. The recalled vehicles include vehicle identification numbers (VIN) from 303194 through 305166. The VIN number is located on the rear frame tube under the rear of the box. The vehicles are green, red, vibrant red metallic, or emerald green metallic. “Arctic Cat” is printed on each side of the hood. Also 500 is printed on each side on the front fenders, HDX on each side of the rear cargo box, and “Arctic Cat” on the cargo box tail gate.


Details are at CPSC


Kim Warner got the scare of her life behind the wheel of her Jeep Wrangler.  "I saw a flash under the hood," she remembers.  She says she was driving at a low speed when her brakes went out and the shifter jammed.  "I had both feet on the brake and my tires were spinning.  I noticed flames coming out the passenger side," she says.

Her boyfriend who was nearby ran, jumped in, and pulled her out of the SUV before it got worse.  "As I pulled her out that is when the flames came thru the dash," he said.

Chrysler sent an inspector, but the automaker said in a statement:  "The cause of the fire was deemed inconclusive by the investigator."



In the new issue of NFPA Journal®, President Jim Shannon said the Association will focus on the leading causes of home fires, including cooking. "We also need to continue to push hard for home fire sprinklers. That's still a large priority for NFPA, and we plan to work very aggressively in 2014 on our residential sprinkler initiative," he said.


This recall involves battery-operated night lights with an AC adapter included.  The night light collection includes a pink hedgehog, a blue bird, a yellow rocket, an orange dino egg, a white soccer ball and a green shark.  The model numbers are printed on the bottom side of the night lights.


Name Model Number
Hedgehog 060-02-1397 Pink 3.5”(h)x 5.5”(w) Bird 060-02-1398 Blue 4.0”(h)x6.5”(w) Rocket 060-02-1399 Yellow 6.0”(h)x4.75”(w) Dino Egg
060-02-1400 Orange 6.0”(h)x4.75”(w) Soccer Ball
060-02-1401 White 5.0”(h)x5.25”(w) Shark 060-02-1402 Green 3.5”(h)x6.9”(w)

President's Message

Eric Emmanuele, President CCAI 2015


I would like to welcome you to the California Conference of Arson Investigators (CCAI) website.  CCAI is a group of dedicated, hard-working and talented individuals devoted to the quality education of those responsible for investigating the cause of fires and the prosecution of arson.  Our membership consists of investigative professionals from both the public and private sectors: fire, police, insurance industry, law offices, utility companies, educators and engineering firms.  Regardless of our employer, we share the common goal of the accurate determination of the origin and cause of a fire and the fight against those who set them.

I have two goals I would love to accomplish during my term as President (2015-2016):

  1. Increase our membership numbers
  2. Increase the quality training opportunities available to our members


As I see it, these two goals are accomplished hand-in-hand, and with your assistance, completely reachable.  Our membership will grow as our training product expands. Over the past two years, we have made some major changes to our Roundtable program.  We have expanded our Roundtable locations to 18 and each coordinator has committed to four local training opportunities each year.  Each of the trainings provided comply with NFPA 921 and will help get you/keep you compliant with NFPA 1033.

I encourage you to take a look at our new Roundtable format.  We now list all scheduled Roundtable training opportunities statewide with one click on the Upcoming RT Training tab. You are welcome to attend any Roundtable anywhere in the state.  Are you receiving emails from your local training coordinator?  Email any one of them from the Roundtable Coordinator tab and ask them to add you to their list.  Looking for a specific training topic?  Want to host a training day locally?  E-mail your coordinator.

Please reach out to your colleagues and share with them the benefits of being a member of CCAI.  Include those you know in the fire service, law enforcement, insurance industry and any others that would benefit from a quality, multi-disciplinary fire investigation training.  If you have any ideas on how we may better serve our membership, or increase our membership numbers, please share them with us.

Stay safe out there,




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